Jimmy Stroud
Nature Photography

     Jimmy Stroud, Nature Photographer, has been pleasing the senses for years - first, the sense of hearing, and now, with his award winning photographs, the sense of sight. Jimmy engineered and was assistant engineer on music albums in Nashville for twenty years before turning his passion to the camera. His work in the music industry afforded him the opportunity to meet and work with such music legends as Jimmy Buffett, Dan Fogelberg, Kansas, and many others. For Jimmy, The art of making pleasing music runs parallel with the art of making photographs that please the public as well. In each case, the finished product represents a sense of great accomplishment for him.

     Jimmy's home on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast is the backdrop for many of his works. Living on the water allows him the opportunity to co-exist with the flora and fauna that are his main subjects. His work has received numerous awards throughout the south and has been exhibited in many galleries and private collections across the United States and Canada. Traveling into the swamps of Louisiana is one of his favorite photography expeditions.

     Another of Jimmy's favorite pastimes is exploring the United States while participating in art festivals and exhibitions. His work has also graced the covers of calendars and phone books. He is an active member of many art associations along the Mississippi and Texas coasts and remains very active in many community affairs.
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